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Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothin Interestin..

Phewww, lama x update blog..lama ka? xda laaa..
No Updates b'coz there's no interesting story to share with..
Apa2 pn, Im a bit happy bcoz I am now free from assignment n lecture..yeay !
Budak2 ASASI Unimas pn sdh abis exam, mesti diorg happy..
Eden jeles..hu hu..
Xpa la, skg dh mula countdown utk pulang Sabah. 
Sik sabar ku tok mauk balit Sabah..
But, before tu..I've to fight for my real battle, my real war.. FINAL EXAM ! It is now around the corner! I dunno, haven't study anything yet..My target = Lulus & CGPA mningkat..tu ja, xmo lebih2..If dpt lebih pn, Thanks God la it's my luck- he he.

Hmm.. actually, 2 3 days lately, I'm a bit sad..yeah..:(
But, I won't tell it to anyone why im sad..
Saya harap sya TABAH menghadapi smua ni, God give me strength as I need to concerntrate for my Final exam to0..
Salah satu drpd sumber smangat sya d UNIMAS ni akan hilang utk smentara wktu as I actually really need that "semangat" in my daily life here in U.

Im so sleepy la, tym update blog mesti mgantuk..
Nnt sya edit lgi la..
Thanks For EVERYTHING, I do appreciate it a LotTos !

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