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Friday, October 22, 2010

Early Mornin..

Hmm..It's  5.13 am..
Im still awake..a bit sleepy, 
Now, im spending a lil bit of my time updating blog !
When i think back, haha..its kinda funny thing happened to me just now..
"Ingatkn pompuan tadi"
"Mna kad matrik?"
"Ada awek?"
"Hisap rokok?"
"Makanan d Sabah Murah, Ikan pn murah"

Blurrrr @ don't understand?? yeah..im the only person who knw it..err..mayb..
Next, Unimas security guards =>>> so very active ! They're everywhere, anytime !

Sighhh...Saya tidak puas hatii..haiyaaa..!! 
Nvm, there's always tommorow for us..yes, for us !
So, Keep smilin, wait for another tommorow to come, 
I hope n wish for a better tommorow.. ^,^

Still have a lot more to drop by..but..my sleepy-ness disallow me to do so..
Last but not least...Jiayou2 Ereff !


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