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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Will Be Missing You..

Missing you...

The way you look me in the eyes
The way you laugh, talk, smile

When I'm with you my heart pounds fast
When we're apart my heart rips in two

All my life I never thought I'd feel this way
laying on my bed, all alone in the dark, crying..

missing you...

I hug my pillow believing that its you

I don't want any others i want you and only you

One tear strolls down my cheek then another then another

I won't stop this till you're right here by my side

missing your smile, missing the things you do

I sit on my bed..

Missing you...

I need you! I want you! and I'll feel this way until i have you!

You wipe away my tears
You frighten away my fears

My life is incomplete without you
My heart is apart till i have you

I pray, I wish, and dream till the day I'll be with you until then I'll be here..


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